BonkWerx - 12 week Cyclocross (CX) Training for Cat 3, 4, and 5 plus bonus strength plan.

#Crossiscoming Get ready for the season with a 12 week Cyclocross plan that will challenge both beginner to advanced (Cat 5,4 & 3) cyclists. Born out of the cold, snowy and muddy hell that is found in the North East during cross season, this plan will help you build race specific fitness. The plan is created to progressively challenge you and help you develop functional threshold power, strength and muscular endurance. Workouts are also designed to simulate racing intensity and cyclocross specific skills that will get you prepared and ready for the season. The plan assumes you have a solid base or foundation of cycling fitness and are able to train from 7-11 hours a week. Plan includes CX specific running and a bonus 12 week "whole body" plyo/strength program designed to work the muscle groups used specifically for cross.

General Program Overview:
Weeks 1-4 > Focus on building functional strength on and off the bike
Weeks 5-8 > Increased intensity and race specific drills
Weeks 9-12 > Race intensity and race prep
- 12 week strength program. Designed to create "whole body" strength, includes weight and plyometric exercises w/video links.
- Cross Specific Work Outs: Race simulations, Starts, Sprints, Intervals and more. Design to build your FTP, VO2 and race specific intensity.
- Skills & Drills days.
- Running workouts

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