Boost your Sprint

This plan is for any cyclist who wants to improve their sprinting. Sprinting is a complex activity that includes physiological, tactical and skill aspects. This plan can be inserted at any point in the season, however, it does include some gym work which can be detrimental to leg feel during the competitive season. This plan includes all the necessary work to build and maintain fitness including low intensity aerobic workouts, high-intensity intervals and, of course, neuromuscular or sprint work. The plan also includes links to YouTube videos with content related to sprinting. This will help keep you motivated and give some visual information to accompany this training plan. Don't put too much weight on the estimated/target TSS values. These are auto-calculated by Training Peaks and in some case come out way too high. Finally, body type and muscle composition are a significant factors in sprinting performance. Not everyone can become a Cavendish or Kittel, however, we can all improve! Best of luck and thanks for your business!

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