Brian Guillen's Half-Ironman Training Plan

This 16-week plan is targeted for an athlete with at least 1-2 years of triathlon experience. It is ideal for a half-Ironman distance-race such as Oliver that has a relatively flat run course. The weekly volume ranges from 8 - 14 hours.

This plan has two rest days per week (M/F) with the long run and bike stacked on the weekend days (Sat/Sun). A brick workout occurs on alternating weekends from the long bike/long run weekends.

If the athlete is starting the training plan with a solid endurance base, you may choose to lengthen the long run/long bike based on your preference and fitness level as long as rest weeks maintain reduced volume.

Along with building the volume of the three disciplines to provide the athlete with the confidence of having a solid finish in an Half-Ironman-distance triathlon, this plan will help the athlete build bike-specific strength during the training with muscle tension intervals and hill repeats. The full spectrum of cardiovascular development is also targeted in all three disciplines to provide the athlete with the greatest chance of increasing his/her aerobic fitness.

The plan is periodized with a slight rest week every fourth week and has a three-week linear taper to allow the athlete to fully absorb the training dose.

Enjoy and Happy Training!

Brian Guillen USAT Level I certified coach

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