British Cycling 4-week Sprint Training Plan

Our 4-week sprinting plan is aimed primarily at riders who have completed our Advanced/Intermediate Plan or, at the least our Foundation Plan, and are looking for a final sprint training block in preparation as they go into the season. If you have not been following one of our plans but still want to work on your finishing sprint, this plan could still be suitable for you. You will however need to have trained consistently through the winter and built a solid strength and endurance base. Don’t be tempted to leap into these high intensity workouts as a get fit quick short cut. If you haven’t put the base work in over the winter, you will be risking potential injury and slipping into a state of overtraining. You should look to invest time in a structured plan to build the required base, such as our Foundation Plan, and target an event later in the season. The plan is designed to build on your existing strength and endurance base, developing your ability to accelerate and sustain a high intensity effort. This sprint fitness is essential for competing at the sharp end of circuit and road races but this four week block will also be beneficial to track riders, sportive riders who feel they lack top end speed and any riders who want to be able to challenge during village sign sprint

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