British Cycling 4-week Time Trial Plan

Our 4-week time trial training plan is aimed primarily at riders who have completed our advanced/intermediate Plan and are looking for a final racing specific lead in to their first event of the season. If you have not been following one of our plans but are keen to target some time trials, this plan could still be suitable for you. However, you will need to have trained consistently through the winter and built a solid strength and endurance base. Don’t be tempted to leap into these relatively high intensity workouts as a get-fit short cut. If you haven’t put the base work in over the winter, you will be risking potential injury and slipping into a state of overtraining. You should look to invest time in a structured plan to build the required base, such as our foundation plan, postpone trying to develop race fitness and maybe adopt a more structured approach next winter. There is no need to own a specialist time trial bike to take part in time trials but, if you do own one, you should aim to complete the majority of sessions in your race position. However, the longer weekend rides are more suited to being completed on a road bike.

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