British Cycling 8-week Track Cycling Plan

The 8-week track cycling training plan is aimed primarily at endurance focussed riders who want to prepare for their local track league, a specific event or championships or simply gain more track specific fitness. Specialist sprinters, who require discipline specific training, including more dedicated strength work, should contact a British Cycling Level 3 coach. It is aimed at intermediate/advanced level riders who already have a solid fitness base, are used to following a structured training plan and have been consistently training for six hours plus per week. The plan schedules in one SQT (structured quality training) session each week. As well as being a focussed training session, these coached workouts also give you the opportunity to work on your track skills and race techniques. This session can also be a track league if you are already in season. Although an alternative road or indoor trainer session is given, you should aim to ride the track at least once per week.

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