BSX Athletics: Beginner Triathlon Maintenance - 4 to 6.5 Hours per Week

The Beginner Triathlon Maintenance Plan is designed to provide structure for triathletes seeking general fitness, weight loss, or appropriate preparation for Week 1 of a race-focused training plan. The plan is 12 weeks long and includes four lactate threshold tests (run tests in weeks 3 and 6, bike tests in weeks 9 and 12). Be sure to take bike and run LT tests right before you start the plan to establish your initial intensity zones. Athletes who are a bit overweight should consider substituting the interval runs with an easy run (Zone 1 or Zone 2) of the same duration. You can make up for this lost intensity by replacing an easy bike ride in the same week with an interval bike ride that matches the structure of the skipped interval run. It is strongly recommended that all athletes supplement their aerobic training with a functional strength training program during this period. Unlike other BSX Athletics/Matt Fitzgerald training plans that culminate in a race at a specific distance, the Beginner Triathlon Maintenance Plan need not be followed all the way through. Feel free to abandon it whenever you are ready to start Week 1 of a race-focused training plan. Note that this plan is suitable as preparatory training for training plans that target any race distance. You should be able to comfortably swim for 30 minutes, run for 35 minutes, and cycle 45 minutes before you start the plan.

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