BSX Athletics: Intermediate Running Maintenance - 2.5 to 4 Hours per Week

The Intermediate Running Maintenance Plan is intended for runners seeking to begin the process of building their fitness after a break from structured training, whether the break consists in an off-season rest period, is imposed by injury, or has some other cause or rationale. The plan is 12 weeks long and features five workouts per week. Initially, three of these five workouts are runs and the other are two nonimpact aerobic cross-training sessions, but by Week 4 the cross-training session are replaced with runs. Weeks 6 and 12 are recovery weeks and include lactate threshold tests to measure your progress and recalculate your training zones. Be sure to take an LT test right before you start the plan as well. It is strongly recommended that you supplement your aerobic training with a functional strength training program during this period. Unlike other BSX Athletics/Matt Fitzgerald training plans that culminate in a race at a specific distance, the Intermediate Running Maintenance Plan need not be followed all the way through. Feel free to abandon it whenever you are ready to start Week 1 of a race-focused training plan. Note that this plan is suitable as preparatory training for training plans that target any race distance. You should be able to run comfortably for at least 30 minutes before you start it.

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