BSX Athletics: Intermediate Sprint - 6 to 10 Hours per Week

This 12-week plan was designed for athletes who can already comfortably swim for 30 minutes, run for 1 hour, and cycle for 1 hour prior to beginning Week 1. It has been periodized into a General and Specific phase, with the General phase comprising the first 9 weeks. It also includes three lactate threshold tests: cycling tests in Weeks 3 and 9 and a running test in Week 6. These tests are opportunities to use BSX Insight to measure your progress and adjust your training zones. Be sure to complete a lactate threshold test before you start the plan in order to establish your initial zones. The swim schedule has a great deal of flexibility and swim workouts can be moved or merged at your convenience. Unless otherwise noted, same-day bike and run workouts are not intended to be a brick (bike then immediate run) but should instead be completed as AM and PM workouts. On days with a bike and run workout, the workout with the highest intensity should be completed first unless otherwise noted. Like all BSX Insight/Matt Fitzgerald Training Plans, the Advanced Olympic Plan is based on the 80/20 Rule, which stipulates that 80 percent of total training time is spent at low intensity and the remaining 20 percent at moderate and high intensities. This approach is scientifically proven to produce better results for triathletes of all levels. See for yourself!

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