Busy Cyclist training for Endurance Event 3-6+ months out

This is a 3 month plan, ideal for >3months out from event. It is intended to get you rolling on a plan, establish a well rounded cycling fitness and prepare you for specfic training in the final months before the event. It is suitable for any level of fitness as it tailors more towards the time limitation ... fitter you are the harder/further you will go ! (and vice versa!) For those training for endurance events (fondo, mtb marathon, 8 - 24 hours) but working full time this will provide a good general fitness and cycling ability you can transform to a great race specific fitness in the last 3-4 months before your event. This plan uses the same principles I have used for fondos, big tours and Leadville success for busy people with jobs and families. Any questions please email me peterglassford@gmail.com (Last Update Dec 2015)

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