Century Training Plan for Cyclists (13 weeks)

This plan is designed for time-crunched cyclists with at least one year of riding experience who want to prepare for a century. It assumes a time commitment of 5-10 hours per week for training. The athlete should have several preparation weeks of unstructured rides in their legs before beginning this plan—namely, about 2-4 hours of cycling per week at an aerobic pace. The plan consists of three 4-week base building phases, plus a final taper week leading up to the century. Each 4-week phase gradually increases volume/intensity over three weeks followed by a recovery week. Weekly workouts revolve around three key sessions—the long ride, the sustained tempo workout, and the temp intervals. A time trial is scheduled every four weeks. The plan is designed to prepare the cyclist for a century at the end of week 13. www.alpfitness.com

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