Coach Boris Youth Off-Season Conditioning Plan-12 weeks

This 12 week triathlon conditioning plan is developed for youth triathletes. This off season or preseason training plan is designed specifically for the youth triathlete who wants to improve their overall fitness during the off season. This plan is designed to improve your basic conditioning and agility prior to focusing on triathlon specific training. This is a detailed 12 week plan with flexibility built into it for athletes that are on swim teams, cross country teams or participating in any other sport during the triathlon off season. You should be able to train 5 days per week including your specific team workouts in order to start this plan. Athletes between the ages of 7-10 may do half of the duration prescribed in these workouts because the race distances for this particular age group are shorter. These workouts will follow a periodization approach to your training. At the end of this plan you will be in better physical condition to start your triathlon specific training for the upcoming season. Basic qualifications: In good health with no health problems, or cleared by a licensed physician Able to swim 100 meters without stopping Comfortable riding any type of bicycle 3 miles Able to run 1 mile without stopping

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