Competition phase Sprint plan for intermediate athlete: Goal times from 60mins- 80mins 8hrs plan

This plan is a 12 week competition phase plan for athletes looking to improve their PR'S over the sprint distance triathlon. It is based in developing power at high % of V02max and improving run and bike economy at high velocities. This program is ideal for athletes looking to race at sub 80min pace and who have completed a solid preparation phase of training. The program splits into 3x4 weeks blocks. The 1st focuses on run/bike economy at high velocities. The 2nd on fatigue resistance and power at V02 max. The 3rd develops speed endurance over the race distance. At the end of the 12 weeks the athlete should start a 10day taper before the A race day. This could be done by repeating week 4 but removing 50% of the volume. The swim sessions focus in developing lactic tolerance and speed endurance but due to it's highly personal nature does not include any stroke development, however this could be integrated into the warm up. Most bike sessions would be best done on indoor trainer but could be done outdoors. Effort is described by Heart zone and rate of perceived exertion (0-10 scale). Zone and rpe descriptions are attached to week one. The second block of 4 weeks utilises vV02 training. Whilst this is proven to be a highly effective training method, it does require a track and pace watch. A very accurate idea of how far you are running I essential. If you require more guidance or ongoing coaching through this plan contact:

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