Beginner 20 Week Half Marathon Plan

*Note: Before beginning this training program, a runner should be able to comfortably complete a 1 mile walk.

Terms Defined:

• Walk: Brisk walking to get your legs ready to transition to running.

• Walk-Run: Short segments of easy running interspersed with periods of brisk walking. As you begin to get fitter, extend the length of the running segments while decreasing the amount of walking you do.

• Easy: Run a comfortable, conversational pace. It is OK to take walk breaks if/when necessary.

• Rest: No running or activity. Let your body recover between training sessions.

• X-training, or cross-training: Alternative aerobic exercise of 30 to 60 minutes in duration in the form of swimming, spinning, elliptical, or weight training.

Plan written by Mario Fraioli

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