Break-2:30 Half Marathon Plan

The 12-week Sub 2:30 half marathon plan is designed for the new or beginner runner looking to run their first half marathon.

You should be comfortable running 15-20 miles per week with at least a 6 mile long run. Your previous personal best should be at least better than one of the following:

5k – 33:00 10k – 1:08:00

The goal of this half marathon plan is to increase your weekly mileage to 25-30 miles per week and incorporate workouts that will challenge your aerobic system and teach your body how to run faster when tired.

The first 6 weeks of the program are designed to introduce your body to faster workouts without getting injured. During this time you will also gradually build your mileage and long runs so you can enter the last 6 weeks of training capable of performing harder, longer workouts.

In the final 6 weeks we introduce longer tempo runs and fast finish long runs designed to teach your body how to handle lactic acid and finish the race strong. By the end of the 12 weeks you’ll be ready to not just run a half marathon, but finish strong.

To watch the training videos and read the supplementary articles, click the link icon in the upper right corner of the day's workout.

Written by Jeff Gaudette

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