Break-25:00 5K Training Plan

The 8-week Sub 25 minute 5k planned is designed for beginner to intermediate runners looking to take their training and personal bests to the next level.

You should be comfortable running 25 miles per week with an 8 mile long run. Your previous personal best should be at least better than one of the following:

5k – 26:00 10k – 55:00 HM – 2:00 Marathon – 4:15

The goal of this 5k plan is to increase your weekly mileage to 30 miles per week and implement 6 progressive 5k specific workouts designed to teach your body how to maintain goal race pace with decreasing amounts of rest. You’ll also incorporate speed development workouts to improve your top end speed and a variety of threshold workouts to continually develop your strength. By race day, you’ll be able to hone in on your target paces and finish under 25 minutes.

To watch the training videos and read the supplementary articles, click the link icon in the upper right corner of the day's workout.

Plan written by Jeff Gaudette

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