CPT 12 week Winter base. Cat 3

This plan is designed for a cat 3 racer to establish a good winter base. The workouts here will specificaly work towards establishing base endurance, strength and speed. By taking this training approach you will arrive at your spring training ready to transition from high volume endurance to higher intensity. This will ensure that you are putting in the most appropriate training at the appropriate time, delivering you into form at the start of your season. The weekly maximum training hours is 14. Maximum ride time is 5 hours.

The plan is heart rate based, so if you do not know your heart rate zones, then there is a test protocol on the first day of the plan.

To enter your heart rate zones, use the method as described in this video:


To calculate your zones, use these figures: Zone 5: 92-100% of max Zone 4: 92-85% of max Zone 3: 75-85% of max Zone 2: 65-75% of max Zone 1: 50-65% of max

Go hard, prepare well and have fun out there, Richard

Richard Rollinson is a highly respected coach, leading his national NZ squads into international competition, as well as guiding many junior grass roots and masters riders to achieving their best possible results. With this plan you get the same expert planning that goes into Richard’s personal coached riders at CPT Cycle Coaching, without the ongoing commitment.

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