CPT Core stability for cyclists 2

This plan can be used by any level of cyclist that has had a little experience of core strength training, or who has completed CPT Core stability for cyclists 1. CPT Core stability for cyclists 2 has new exercises and incorperates a natural progression in weights and reps/sets. Includes instruction videos. IT ALL STARTS WITH A STRONG BASE, IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE LEGS This is a 12 week plan designed by Richard Rollinson of CPT Cycle Coaching, including exercise instructional videos. Did you know that your hips and glutes work in sync with your legs when cycling? If you are not working out these muscles, then you are not using all of your potential power. This plan is for riders who want stronger, more efficient base muscles to increase power efficiency and stability on the bike, as well as some strength work on the legs. The plan is designed to be used in conjunction with your regular cycling programmes. When you buy this plan you will receive exercises that are specifically designed to work parts of your core that are connected to leg muscle groups used in specific cycling positions, helping you build a strong link between the upper and lower body. You will also be working the key muscles in your arms that control and coordinate the bike when sprinting and climbing out the saddle. The plan also covers your whole back, helping you on your way to a more comfortable ride with reduced chance of injury. All of the exercises directly apply to cycling. And the plan can be used by any level of cyclist that is either new to or has had a little experience of core strength training. It is advisable that you have access to dumbbells, medicine balls and a Swiss ball. Barbells are also recommended. Buy this plan now for your pathway to take control of your bike, increase power potential and invest in your longevity in cycling.

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