CPT Taupo challenge 13 week.G7/8 (6.10-8.30h)

This plan is designed for riders taking part in the Lake Taupo cycle challenge, New Zealand on 30th November 2013 and intending to start in group 7 or 8 (estimated finishing time 6.10-8.30 hours).

This 13 week plan is split into a strength phase and a speed phase to optimise power and form for your goal event. A build up B priority race is included in the plan; taking in Rotorua bike the lake on 10th November 2013. Throughout the plan, there are build periods of 3 weeks followed by a recovery week. The maximum ride time is 5 hours. The plan starts at 4 hours weekly total. The maximum is 7.5 hours. There is a 2 week taper before your goal event. The plan has a varied mix of workouts including; hill reps, aerobic endurance, aerobic threshold, lactate threshold, VO2 max boosting and sprints.

The plan is heart rate based, so if you do not know your maximum heart rate, the there is a test protocol on the first day of the plan.

To enter your heart rate zones, use the method as described in this video:


To calculate your zones, use these figures: Zone 5: 92-100% of max Zone 4: 92-85% of max Zone 3: 75-85% of max Zone 2: 65-75% of max Zone 1: 50-65% of max

Go hard, prepare well and have fun out there, Richard

Richard Rollinson is a highly respected coach, leading his national NZ squads into international competition, as well as guiding many junior grass roots and masters riders to achieving their best possible results. With this plan you get the same expert planning that goes into Richard’s personal coached riders at CPT Cycle Coaching, without the ongoing commitment.

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