Criterium Base Period (OVER 50) 8-11hrs/wk

This criterium Base period training plan was designed by Joe Friel for the OVER-age-50 rider. The most significant difference between this plan and the one for the under-50 crit racer is that R&R weeks are planned every third week for over-50 instead of every fourth week. The plan is quite similar to the ROAD BASE PLAN with the greatest differences occurring in the last 5 weeks. This plan is based on the the principles described in Joe's book, The Cyclists Training Bible. It is best started about 23 weeks prior to your first A race of the season. Following this 12-week plan will get you ready to start the CRITERIUM BUILD-PEAK PERIOD PLAN (see plan) which specifically prepares you for your A-priority race. This plan is intended for the cyclist who has been racing for two or more years. To start this plan you should be able to train about 8 hours a week. Over 12 weeks you will increase your weekly volume from about 8 hours to 13 hours including bike rides of various types, cross training in the first 4 weeks, and 1 to 2 strength workouts each week. The exceptions are the R&R weeks every third week with volume significantly reduced for 4 to 5 days and self-testing at the end of the week to measure progress.

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