Cross Country 12 Week Build Plan (Cat 1/Expert/Advanced)

This is a week plan for the Cat 1 Expert Level MTB Racer with a "A" Race at the end of the 12 weeks. By the end of this training plan, if followed, the racer will be competitive in the Cat 1 (Expert) Races that last 2-2.5hrs. Start this plan 12 weeks before your goal race. Each week is between 7.5 and 12hrs of training. Most weekday workouts are 1.5 hr to 2hr. Weekend rides are 2-3:30hrs hrs. This plan assumes that the athlete has a 6-12 weeks base level training The plan focuses on improving vo2max, endurance, and power. A core workout three times a week improves balance, handling, endurance and power. See my website for more information about me.

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