Cross Country Base 2 Beginner with Power Meter

This training program is a good plan to start after having a few weeks of training under your belt. This plan is a step up from the Base 1 Power Training Plan. This plan can be done after that plan or simply used if you feel you are ready for a bigger challenge. This 6 week mountain bike training plan is for the beginner level athlete that knows how to use power. It is the best plan to start the year off with. You will establish baseline measures with a Functional Threshold Test(FTP) at the beginning of the program. The workouts are 4 days per week with Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as your off days. This plan will focus on longer rides every Sunday, mountain bike rides working on developing mountain bike fitness on Saturday's, and then shorter rides during the week that can be done indoors or outdoors. The rides in the training plan will build your aerobic capacity with long weekend rides, while emphasizing tempo and threshold rides the remainder of the time. This training plan will have you riding faster for the longer periods of time while also building your threshold to new and higher levels.

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