Cross Country Base (Beginner/Cat 3)

This cross country mountain bike training plan is designed for a Beginner or Cat 3 mountain biker and is both Heart rate and Power training compatible. If using Power you will be tested both in the 1st week and also the 6th week in this program to measure your progress and make sure you zones are set up correctly. This is a great training plan to start your training season off with. This 2 month mountain bike training plan will work on building your Base. The major focus of this plan is to get your body prepared with a great foundation to build on for racing season. The main focus is on longer rides, sub threshold work, and muscular force work. The training plan starts with small build of mainly volume in the first month with introduction to some intensity as the month goes on. In the second month, more intensity is added in along with more specific work to prepare you for your Build program which follows this. You will need access to a heart rate monitor and/or power meter and will need to know how to use it. You can do the training on a road or mountain bike. If training with power, you will get an introductory document that gives you tips on how to train better and more effectively with power. With this program you will also receive nutritional information, a detailed description of heart rate zones, and a start-up guide that introduces you to interval training. Expect the following from this plan: *8-11 hours of riding per week *5 days of riding per week(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) *2 off days per week(Monday and Friday) *All rides that are longer than 2 hours will be scheduled on weekends: weekend rides range from 2-4 hours *Rides during the week range from 60-90 minutes *Clear and precise instructions on how to execute each workout *You will establish your Heart Rate Zones within the first week of training(details within the start up guide included with purchase)

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