Cross Country Base Expert/Pro Next Level Program

This training program is the best way to start your training for the year. This 6 week mountain bike training plan is for the Expert or Pro level athlete that is very experienced rider with lots of hours on the bike in the past. This is a very tough training program with the last week reaching 20 hours total volume. Main focus is on volume combined with muscular endurance and tempo work. If you need to be pushed to the next level and feel you are ready for the hours in this program, this program will be great for you. You will establish HR training zones mid week in the first week, and then the remaining workouts will be focused on building your Base Miles. The workouts are 6 days per week with Monday as your off day. One of the main goals of this plan is to build your foundation, so there will be a long ride every Sunday focusing on building your aerobic capacity. The rides during the week can be performed indoors or outdoors, your choice. The rides in the training plan will build your aerobic capacity with long weekend rides, muscular endurance with tempo efforts and big gear efforts, and developing the means to push harder in your next training block. You will end this plan with the ability to ride longer, harder, and most importantly the training plan setup to move forward with a higher intensity training plan after this. This training plan will set you up to continue to build your fitness higher and higher following it.

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