Cross Country Climbing Training Plan Beginner with Power Meter

This climbing training plan is a 6 week plan with the goal of building your ability to climb long 4-20 minute climbs faster and more effectively. The training plan is for an advanced rider with experience training with a power meter. The plan will start with a Functional Threshold Test(FTP) to establish your training zones for the remainder of the plan. You will be training 4 days a week with one off days every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This plan will incorporate a mix of climbing specific workouts that will build your climbing power, along with longer base maintenance workouts on the weekends to maintain and build your aerobic fitness, and will also have mountain bike specific training rides to transfer your gained speed to the trail. Although not required, I recommend you have 6-12 weeks of base miles in prior to starting this plan. The Foundation Mountain Bike training plan I have would be a good fit.

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