Cross Country Race Peak (Beginner / Cat 3)

This mountain bike training plan is geared toward a Beginner or Cat 3 Mountain Bike Racer. This training plan is set up for both Heart Rate and Power training. If using power, you will be tested at both weeks 1 and week 8 to reassess your improvements / progress and also set up your training zones throughout the program. This is a great training plan to start when you are already or about to start racing, and plan to peak in 4-6 weeks. This Mountain Bike Training Plan is a 2 month training plan geared toward the mountain bike racer who wants to see fitness built while racing, but also would like options to race throughout the program. The training plan takes into account the importance and options of racing throughout the season. Starting your first weekend, you will have the option to race or do a breakthrough ride on the weekends when not racing. . You will need access to a heart rate monitor and will need to know how to use it. You can do the training on a road or mountain bike. If using a power meter, you will also receive an introductory power document with this explaining the basics to training with power along with tips on executing workouts better. With this program you will also receive nutritional information, a detailed description of heart rate zones, and a start-up guide that introduces you to interval training. Expect the following from this plan: *6-8 hours of riding per week *3 months of pre-designed workouts with the option of racing or doing a hard training ride every weekend *5 days of riding per week(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) *2 off days per week(Monday, Friday) *All rides that are longer than 90 minutes will be scheduled on weekends *Rides during the week range from 45-90 minutes *Clear and precise instructions on how to execute each workout *When looking at the graph below you will recognize that the hours on the schedule appear longer then what I have described above. This is because the hours are based on both the racing workouts and optional hard workouts combined. Most weeks will be 3 hours shorter then shown on the graph below. Every week you will have two workouts on Saturday and two workouts on Sunday. If you have a race that weekend, then you do the race specific workouts on Saturday and Sunday(1 workout each day). If you don't have a race, then you do the other workouts those days. This is all specified in the start up document also. You can also find more info on Drew and his coaching at

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