Customized 6 Month Training Plan for Cycling, Running or Triathlon

Do you want to reach the next level of fitness, but don't want the expense of a full time coach? Do you want to add some structure to your training, but don't want to spend hours reading through dozens of books? If so, then this plan is for you! This plan is a 100% customized 12 month plan that is tailored specifically for you! Here is how it works: When you purchase the plan, you and I will communicate and you'll tell me the events that you plan to do for the upcoming season. We'll prioritize those events in terms of which ones are important and which ones can be used for training. We'll also discuss the specifics of your "A priority events" so that the plan can be designed specifically for the demands of those events. Once this is established, I'll go to work and create a customized 12 month plan just for you. The plan just doesn't stop there. I'll be available to answer questions throughout the year. Should you choose to purchase this plan, be sure to email me at so that we can get started. In the meantime, have a wonderful day! Travis

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