CX, watt/HR by Output Cycling

Racing Cyclo-Cross is a blast! You get to be a kid again, ride your bike over stuff, splash in mud puddles, get stuck in mud bogs and of course do some fun racing with your friends! It is fast and intense and you are going to push it in order to beat your competition! This plan is for the CX/ road/MTB cyclist that wants a great plan and has between 6-12 hours a week to train. This is an intermediate plan and the workouts are tough, challenging and fun and for certain will make sure you are ready to crush in 'cross! One unique thing about this plan is that it has ‘options’for each weekend, so that if you are racing on Saturday, or Sunday, not racing at all or racing both days, there is an option for you to follow. The plan consists of workouts at various effort levels. It offers wattage, heart rate, and rate of perceived exertion (RPE) options so you can gauge yours effort whether you use a power meter, an HR monitor, or prefer to work out by feel.

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