Cycling - 10 Weeks to Power and Speed (with Computrainer Workout Files)

This plan is designed to improve cycling fitness and will be suitable for any racing cyclist or recreational rider as well as triathletes trying to improve their bike leg. The format of the plan includes an initial testing week, 8 weeks of focused training and a follow-up testing week. This plan includes a Computrainer workout file for each cycling ride, which makes following the program and ensuring that the training dose is correct very easy. Files are a mix of both .crs (course) and .mrc (workouts) format, and require installation of the Multi-rider program. MRC workouts are based on percentage of threshold power, so once you have performed your initial test, simply plug that threshold power in and workouts will be adjusted to the appropriate level for your fitness. If you feel you are making gains during the training plan, having a good day or a bad day, it is easy to toggle your threshold setting up or down with the Computrainer handlebar controller to make necessary adjustments.

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