CYCLING: 12-week Stationary Trainer Series, Base Training

Our 12 week Trainer Series Program is designed for bike racers looking to improve their cycling fitness over the "non-competitive" part of the season (commonly referred to as the "off-season"). The workouts are designed to improve your complete cycling ability for bike racing of all distances & disciplines. The series begins with leg-speed and cycling-specific strength development, then progresses to build aerobic endurance before adding in intervals at and above your lactate threshold. Included is a very detailed desciption of the equipment you'll need, target HR & power zones, intervals and session layout. There are twelve 75-90 minute progressive workouts, intended to be performed 1-2 times per week. Modifications t the program include adapting the workouts to the road, for those that do not appreciate the benefits of the trainer, and condensing the program into 6 weeks for that want a steeper ramp-up of the program. Included with your training plan purchase is the ability to email us with questions as you follow our plan: Good luck and have fun! DETAILS: Number of Weeks: 6-12 Training Days per Week: 1-2 Training Hours per Week: 1.5-3+ (depending on your preference of additional riding/aerobic volume) Equipment Needed: trainer, HRM, cadence, and preferably (but not required) a power meter.

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