Cycling: Bike Tour Prep: Ride 5-6 days, Avg. 30 mi/day, 12-15 mph: 3 to 8 hrs/wk

This 14-week training plan is designed for the cyclist looking to successfully complete a bike tour that lasts five to six days. The average mileage per day on the tour is 30 miles and you plan to ride an average of 12 to 15 miles per hour while on the tour. The training plan prepares you for your tour by utilizing a combination of strength training days and cycling days. The weekly hours of the plan ranges between 3:00 and 8:00, very manageable. By Week 11 of the plan you will be riding four or five days in a single week, with a three-day block of riding 1:30, 2:30 and 2:00. The plan does give you guidelines for adding or removing time from some of the ride days.

Have a look at the plan preview to see if the first week looks doable to you. If you are currently strength training, you can use your own plan or use the program suggested in the Supporting Documents. If you utilize in indoor cycling class for some of your training, simply use the guidelines in each training day to get the most from your class.

The plan is 14 weeks long and the last Sunday of the training plan is the first day of the bike tour. This day is your “event” day.

So you can enjoy the bike tour, log your tour results, view the cool graphics and know what to do with your post-tour recovery, there is an additional training block titled See Bike Tour And Recovery – All Tours designed for athletes using the tour training plans. All you have to do is use enter the promotional code “FreeBikeTour” (without the quotation marks) and instructions for the tour days and a week of recovery are yours at no cost.

I love bike tours; I hope you have a grand time.

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