Cycling: Century Bike Ride, Intermediate: 3.25 to 9.25 hrs/wk, 16 wks

This 16-week training plan is designed for the rider looking average around 16 or 18 miles per hour for a century ride. A strength training program is included in the plan. For the first eight weeks of the plan, strength training occurs twice per week. Beginning in Week 9, strength training is reduced to maintenance at once per week. Should you decide not to strength train, for whatever reason, simply delete the strength training workouts. Weekday bike rides are between 30- and 60 minutes long with a few options for 75-minute rides. The last eight weeks of the plan includes muscular endurance intervals to improve speed at threshold. This training is more intense than the training in the beginner plan. Long training rides begin at 1:15 in Week 1and build to between 5:00 and 5:30 in Week 14. Training ranges from 3:15 to 9:15 per week, with one to three days off each week for recovery and other lifestyle activities. The plan includes a taper designed to improve average speed on event day. Prepare well, ride fast, have fun ~

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