Cycling: Cyclist Base Period (Winter, Off-Season) Training, Level 2: 5.45 to 9.5 hrs/wk

Cycling Base Training, Level 2 – 12 Weeks

This 12-week plan is designed for an experienced and fit cyclist trying to keep good conditioning in the off-season. The athlete using this plan consistently rides a long ride each week, with or without a group. If you ride with a group, control the intensity as described in the plan. The long ride in the plan ranges between two and three hours. The length of this ride may be weather dependent. The athlete selecting this plan has had problems in the past trying to decide what to do in the off-season to maintain precious cycling fitness achieved during the summer season.

The plan is appropriate base training for road racers and mountain bike racers with goal events in the 2:00 to 3:00 range. It is also appropriate for cyclists that may not race, but want to ride fast in group rides or organized rides. (Century rides or multiday tours.) Before beginning this plan, you know your training zones described in the “Intensity Document.”

The training blocks are in three-week cycles to allow for good recovery. An aerobic time trial is included in the first week of the plan to help you monitor progress. Some of the workouts include a power option for athletes with access to power meters. Weekly training hours do not vary much throughout the program, but training intensity does. This is perfect for fit cyclists with limited training time or for those living in cold locations in the off-season.

The goals of this plan include: - Maintain a long ride of 2:00 to 3:00 hours throughout the plan. - Reduce training in recovery weeks to 5:45 to absorb training. - Keep training week hours at 8:00 to 9:30. - Include a structured strength training program now, to improve cycling strength and speed after the 12-week plan is complete. - Baseline test all-out time trial speed in Week 12 of the plan. - At the end of the plan be prepared to move to a build or pre-event training block.

Please see the Plan Preview to determine if the first week of the training plan seems manageable to you. If the first week seems manageable and the plan goals are right where you want to head, this plan is perfect for you.

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