Cycling Made Easy: Drills and Endurance

This program is for anyone who wants to add more skill specific indoor bike trainer workouts to their personal library or for someone who wants to follow four weeks of bike focused drill training. Each week includes 6 workout sessions. Sessions range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. You’ll find a good variety of one legged and cadence drill workouts in this plan which again, are best done on the trainer. You can add this workout to your existing training plan or simple add or subtract the volume to meet your individual fitness schedule and needs. At any point, you can combine two workouts together to create a longer endurance training session or adding more to the warm up and cool down phase. It’s best to include this type of training in the preparation/base phase of your training plan. This program can also be used in conjunction with any of our other 4-week Cycling plans or simply as supplement to our triathlon training plans. If you purchase all four cycling programs, you can ride them back to back to create a 16 week schedule. If so, you’ll want to start with Drills and Endurance then Strength, then Threshold and Speed and finish with our Ultimate Mix plan.

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