Cycling Made Easy: Strength and Skills

This program is for anyone that wants to add more strength and skill workouts to their bike workout library or follow a month of strength building on the bike. Each week includes 6 workouts ranging between 45 minutes and 2 hours in length with a variety of low cadence drills in Zone 3-4 intensity based on your heart rate, RPE and power with a mix of lower intensity recovery workouts. You can add this workout to your existing training plan or simple add or subtract the volume to meet your individual fitness schedule and needs. For example, you can combine two workouts together to create a longer endurance training session or repeat the main set only twice verses four times if you want to shorten the workout. This program can also be used in conjunction with any of our other 4-week Cycling plans or simply as a supplement to our triathlon training plans. If you purchase all four cycling programs, you can ride them back to back to create a 16 week schedule. If so, you’ll want to start with Drills and Endurance then Strength, then Threshold and Speed and finish with our Ultimate Mix. This type of training is typically found at the end of your base phase. For example, if you have 12 week base training plan, these workouts fit well in weeks 6-12 after you have developed skills and endurance. If you have an 8 week base phase, then weeks 5-8.

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