Cycling Maintenance Plan for 8 weeks

As the racing season draws to a close many riders are looking for a way to maintain their fitness while the weather is still nice and daylight is still long. The goal of this plan is to maintain your fitness as we head towards a transition period. The plan will focus mostly on tempo workouts with a few neuromuscular power, anaerobic capacity, and VO2 max workouts to keep those systems firing. Also, group rides are included as well as alternate workouts for those that opt out of the local group ride. This plan is 8 weeks long with a typical weekly duration of 8-14 hours. The first, fourth, and eighth weeks of this plan are devoted to resting and testing. It's important to start with baseline numbers to set levels for your workouts. Also, we want to maintain or even slightly improve fitness, so we are testing to make sure there is no decline.

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