Cycling Power based Intermediate Century ride using wattage by Hunter Allen

This is a 12 week training plan is for the athlete that wants to complete a century in 5 to 6 hours by training with their power meter. The cyclist may or may not have done a century ride before, but it is generally a solid intermediate cyclist with at least one year of riding in their legs. The goal for this cyclist is to finish the century in under 6 hours, shooting for close to a 5 hour finish time. It's for the cyclist that can ride up to 2.0 hours a day, and up to 5 hours on one day on the weekend. This plan gives you specific details on your daily training, including duration and specific wattage percentages to train in. Based on percentage of threshold wattage, whatever your threshold is, you easily adjust your goals for the workouts(you can select this plan without knowing your threshold wattage, however you will need to take the field test in order to determine your threshold before you start your plan). This plan gradually improves your fitness and endurance over the 12 weeks, so it preps you perfectly for a successful century ride. At the completion of this training plan, you will be able to finish a century ride easily at a solid brisk pace and you will be finishing strong!

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