Cyclo-Cross : Beginner

Are you looking to get to make this the best Cyclo-cross season you’ve ever had? This is your chance! This Bicycling magazine, Hunter Allen Cyclo-Cross training plan will help you get ready for a mud filled fall Cyclo-Cross season. I have put together an 8 week plan to help you reach all cyclo-cross goals this season and give you an extra edge on your competition! This plan is built for the beginner cyclist to cyclo-cross but has created a basic level of fitness from cycling. This plan is built for someone with 6 to 8 hours to train weekly. Please note that throughout this plan there are 3 options available for the weekend, so do not get discouraged by the amount of time listed at the end of each week. The total hours at the end of the week include a combination of all options on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but you will only chose one of the three options on each of those days based on your race schedule. If you are ready to get ahead of your Cyclo-cross competition this season, this is the plan for you!!

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