Cyclocross 14 week In Season Race Program (Beginner Level)

If you're an intermediate/beginner level road(Cat 4,5) or mountain bike racer(Cat 2,3) looking to do cyclo-cross racing this year then this program is for you. This is an in season program meaning you most likely are racing or plan to very soon. The entire program is 12 weeks long. In the first week you will establish your LTHR and set up your HR zones. Optional races start the first weekend into this program giving you the freedom to either get a weekend of racing in, or get two back to back hard days of CX specific training in over the weekend. This program will build and fine tune your high end cyclo-cross fitness and take your performance to the next level with workouts aimed at short/hard efforts combined with cross specific race efforts and light running to build your muscular system for the running involved. The focus is on quality, CX specific, shorter workouts with a maintenance of your longer aerobic rides. In addition to hard workouts, this program will give you the rest you need coming into the weekend so that your body can perform well when needed. The weekends you don't race, you will be doing some tough cyclocross specific work to get you ready for your next race weekend. You will need access to a heart rate monitor and will need to know how to use it. You can do the training on a road, CX or mountain bike. However, I do recommend that you get as much training in as possible on your CX bike since you will be racing on that. With this program you will also receive nutritional information, a detailed description of heart rate zones, and a start-up guide that introduces you to interval training.

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