Targeted at the masters and "B" level riders, workouts are structured for a person that has a normal 9-5 job, and shift around available daylight hours. It takes you thru the complete season, from August right up to Nationals. The hardest part about planning your cyclocross season is getting enough recovery so you can stay fresh. We recommend that you take every 3rd week as a rest week and not race. This plan takes this into account, but you may want to swap out a recovery week for a work week so you can hit one of your priority races. Because this is not an individualized plan, the two weeks leading up to Nationals are structured for a Nationals race that would occur on Saturday. Your training schedule may need to be shifted a couple days to take this into consideration. If you need to shift a couple days, it should be done in the week of December 19-25th. Anyone purchasing this plan can contact me if they need help with this process.

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