Dave Scott's Ironman Training Plan (Experienced/Advanced, 12 Weeks, Sunday Race)

dave scott headshotPerforming at a level to qualify for Kona requires devotion, dedication and the “right” training program.
Designed for the EXPERIENCED to ADVANCED triathlete, 6x Ironman World Champion Dave Scott has hand-crafted this Ironman distance training plan with the wisdom and tools of 30+ years of coaching expertise to give you a challenging plan that will take you to the next level.
Beginning 12 weeks before your goal race, this training plan incorporates a purposeful and progressive training protocol leading up to your goal race. The plan – with a minimum of 3 swims, 3 bikes and 3 runs per week each - begins at 14 hours per week and builds up to 21 hours per week before tapering. Monday is the designated day off.
This program may be set to start or end at any time for a goal race that takes place on a Sunday. If your race is on Saturday, please chose the Saturday version of our plan.
This plan includes "marker sets,” which are periodic tests designed to challenge you, assess your progress and provide a realistic projection of race day potential, plus, time trials, unique bricks and race-specific workloads that simulate the challenges of your Ironman-distance event. Key blocks of intensity extract the maximum potential out of your physiology. Programs that only focus on going long and steady often overlook these important intensity sessions.

Dave’s Ironman plan is challenging, entertaining and the ultimate confidence builder for your preparation to EXCEL.

Included: This plan comes with Dave’s comprehensive Triathlon Training Plan Guide explaining Dave’s training methodology and all the workout terminology plus video training tips by Dave covering optimal fueling, proper pacing, mental training tactics, race day strategy and more!
Questions? Please visit Dave on the web at davescottinc.com or email: info@davescottinc.com.

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