Dominate Your Next Gran Fondo (Bike+Core, Mobility & Stretching)-All Levels: 6 wks/6-10hrs

This 6-week program is designed to improve your cycling fitness so you can perform at a higher level in your next GRAN FONDO event. Achieve Performance Training & Coaching has created a training plan to make you ride faster than and achieve your gran fondo goal(s). Developed by experienced coaches and Cat 1 racers, this training plan will improve your aerobic and anaerobic fitness capacity through specific block training. You will first increase your cycling specific power over short durations, then extend this over longer durations so that you arrive at your event ready to ride fast. The plan also incorporates core workouts, mobility and stretching+foam rolling, with a link to video instructions. If you have questions on this program or one-on-one coaching then contact #AchievePTC by visiting

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