Duathlon: 5k/40k/5k Build-Peak Period (Intermediate) 9-11hrs/wk

This 12-week plan was designed by Joe Friel for the intermediate-level duathlete, regardless of age, who has been training for multisport for more than 2 years and has a goal to perform well in his/her age group at an A-priority, Olympic-distance (R-5k/B-30k/R-5k or approximated distance) duathlon in the 12th week of this plan. This detailed and easy-to-follow training plan starts with the Base 3 period (4 weeks) and includes 6 weeks of Build period, 1 Peak week and 1 Race week. To start this plan you should be capable of running an hour and biking up to 90 minutes. The weekly hours range from 9 to 11 with 10 hours per week being the most common. In a typical week you will do 6 bikes and 4 runs. Self-testing is included to help gauge progress toward a respectable placing in the race.

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