Expedition Length Adventure Race Base Training

This training program includes detailed daily workouts for the 12 week training period (actually, there is a bonus week - so you get 13 weeks of workouts). You can begin this program at any time. Additionally, there are document attachments with detailed training and racing information covering skills, strategies and tactics. Lastly, in addition to the web base delivery of this plan, athlete will have access to the web based log tool to track training progress. This is a comprehensive training system that will help prepare you for an expedition length adventure race. This is an advanced program. While some details are specific to preparation for expedition length races, this program is appropriate for advance athletes seeking to build base fitness, experience and skill for Adventure Racing in general. Athletes should have several years of consistent training and racing (ultra endurance, cycling, triathlon or AR). They should be familiar with base training concepts. This program is appropriate for athletes who are in good physical condition and have been participating regularly in physical exercise. All athletes should consult their doctor for approval before participating in any exercise regime, training program or event. Athletes should consult an professional coach or personal trainer for assistance on elements, terms, exercises, etc. of the plan with which they are unfamiliar.

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