Experience Plus 501 Tour (UNDER 50) 6-13hrs/wk

This 21-week plan was designed by Joe Friel for the Experience Plus bike tours with a difficulty rating of 501. It is intended for tour riders who are under age 50. Following this plan you will ride 4-6 days each week starting at about 6 hours weekly and building to about 13 hours. Weekly volume may be increased at your option by including additional, suggested riding time and strength workouts. Every fourth week of this plan includes 5 days of reduced training volume to allow you to recover and physically adapt to the previous 3 weeks of challenging workouts. As you progress the workouts become increasingly more difficult with hills and longer rides. Goals are included weekly to help you understand exactly what you are to accomplish. All workouts are described in simple and common language without using jargon. Descriptions of when to use sports drink and how much to take in are included. The intensity of daily workouts is prescribed in 2 ways: using a 1 to 10 scale of perceived effort and also by heart rate for those who have HR monitors and know their target zones.

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