Expert MTB - 3 Months to Best <2hr XC Race

Over 3 months / 12 weeks of training for an expert coming into spring with a decent base of fitness. The first month builds into MTB riding and looks to improve longer muscular endurance efforts, also adding some road riding. The second block has shorter intervals and Mtb intensity supported by road rides for endurance development and recovery between targeted MTB rides. The third block is big. This will push your weekly hours. Feel free to trim the weekly rides to 1-1.5hrs but there are some options to go longer if life and recovery allows. Lots of time on MTB to develop skills so your fitness isn't wasted on B-Lines and crashes. Plan culminates with 2 big races on the last 2 Sundays with peak workouts and lots of recovery during the week. Please feel free to email me for more or get a 3-month Custom plan for $100 at to have the plan designed to you, your goals and your schedule. Thank you for checking out my plans!

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