FasCat Cyclocross Summer "Base" Plan 2016

This 12-week cyclocross training plan is designed for cyclocross athletes to build a cx specific base beore the season starts. The plan includes SKILLS practices too! - Give YOURSELF 6 - 12 hours per week and this PLAN will give you a HEMI-POWERED AEROBIC Engine (& Power Output) to start the Cyclocross Season. Sweet Spot and TEMPO with a drizzle of anaerobic work. - The calendar will begin with building a large aerobic engine for the athlete to work off of for the remainder of the cyclocross season. The schedule then shifts towards improving handling skills (a crucial component of CX that many overlook) while ramping up the intensity with Anaerobic Zone 6 intervals during the week and harder group and/or longer rides on the weekends. - The plan then transitions into a race simulation phase, where the athlete completes anaerobic work to prepare the athlete for the specific intensity demands of a cyclocross race as well as works on handling skills specific to cyclocross.

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