First Time Ironman Triathlon Training Plan (24 weeks)

This 24 week program is geared to the athlete who is ready to tackle the Ironman distance. This program is best suited to the athlete who has previously completed some sprint, olympic and half ironman distance triathlons. The training volume ranges from a low of 8 hours per week during recovery week to a peak volume of approximately 17 hours. The training frequency (number of workouts per week) is fairl evenly split between swim, bike and run. However, the overall training volume is heaviest on the bike to help athletes prepare most optimally for the rigors of the Ironman distance. There is a fair amount of choice and flexibility for the athlete who follows this Hypercat training program which makes it perfect for the self-coached athlete. For the budget conscious athlete, you may want to purchase this plan directly ($199) from Hypercat Racing at:

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