FTP Plateau Breaker for Triathletes

Boost your FTP in 6 weeks. You will gain an extra 10-30 watts using this plan and will easily fit it in amongst your swim and run sessions. This plan not only works on your threshold but includes sessions to boost your VO2 max power which in turns lifts your FTP. So you will come away with a larger FTP and VO2 max. Each week contains 2 weekday sessions that can be done on the road and are also able to be downloaded in erg or other format for your smart trainer or garmin computer. Each weekend contains a longer endurance session to do out on the road. There is scope to do extra riding on top of these workouts. We suggest these rides be predominantly zone 2 so as to get aerobic benefits without inhibiting your performance for the planned sessions. If you have any problems or have questions along the way you can email powerlab@fitpeople.com.au at any time though out the training. If you would like to check us out first for peace of mind please visit www.powerlab.com.au. To your measured success, Angus Harris POWERLAB CYCLING PERFORMANCE

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