Functional Strength for Triathletes

FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH TRAINING The principle of specificity states that triathletes must dedicate substantial training time to swimming, cycling, and running. Yet spending all your training time in these pursuits is a recipe for overuse injuries. This is where supplemental strength training becomes an indispensable tool in the triathlete’s repertoire. Functional strength work can help triathletes of all levels overcome muscular imbalances en route to becoming stronger, more efficient, and less injury-prone. Functional work is as much about making your muscles “smarter” as it is making them stronger. The aim is to train your muscles to work together in a manner that supports the sport-specific activities in which you are engaged. OVERVIEW OF THE PLAN This plan is designed to take you through a progression of functional exercises that you can use to supplement your endurance training in as little as 10 minutes a day over three to five days per week. The plan includes detailed descriptions of exercises you can do at home, complete with links to video demonstrations. In implementing the plan, think quality. Always do each exercise with proper form. If your form breaks down, end the set. Add time to your sets only when you are able to do so with proper form. Progression will occur with consistent, quality practice. Be patient. Train smart!

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